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Massacre Presents: The Raw Ass Finale

Hello Killas,
We present to you our first season finale. For this episode we decided to give to you a completely unedited and in the raw recording. You’ll get a more authentic feeling of how we interact and how a typical recording session goes. This episode we discuss all things Empire. We delayed the episode for a while to give everyone time to catch up, meaning Renchel. We hope you enjoy this episode and enjoyed our inaugural season. We will be back soon and may have a few specials between this season and the fall. As always, like, comment, rate and subscribe. Please PLEASE PLEASE, as this is the end of our first season, give us suggestions and let us know how we can make the show better for you all. Thanks for a great first season.

Episode 13: Rambling On and On


This episode is about the 11th and 12th episodes of Fox’s hit drama “Empire”. Unfortunately, we decided to forgo hot topics this week so that we could bring you all some really great discussion.

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Episode 12: Take It

Hello we are back with the 12th episode! We discuss┬áthe final two episodes of HTGAWM’s second season. We also bring you some hot topics. As always feel free to connect with us in all of those different ways (comment, rate, subscribe). If you have any questions, message us or email us!

Thanks and enjoy!

Episode 11: Murdertastic

Hello guys, we are back with our 11th episode, “Murdertastic”. Discussed are HTGAWM episodes “She Hates Us”, “It’s a Trap” and “Something Bad Happened”. We also bring you all some hot topics and a political rant. As always, please follow us and rate, comment, like and subscribe!

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Episode 10: Back At It Again With The Fake Baby!

American Horror Story: Hotel Finale Discussion

HTGAWM: What Happened To You Annalise?

Hot Topics


Enjoy and as always send your questions to!

Episode 9: A Failed Battle

Hello All,


We’ve returned with your discussion for “Battle Royale”, the penultimate episode of AHS: Hotel. You will also hear a myriad of topics, including Ciara and Future, Powerball and why Kyle needs to sign our whole next episode. Please listen and as always, rate, comment, like and subscribe! Any questions can be sent to or you can message us on the facebook page. Thanks and enjoy!

Episode 8: Winter Has Come

It has been a long time coming. We are on winter break. We bring you the discussions for Episode 9 and 10 of American Horror Story. We also bring you hot topics for the week. Sadly, or maybe to your delight, we will be going on break until mid-January as we will not have any shows to discuss until then. We look forward to moving into the new year with this podcast and hoping for the best. Enjoy your holidays and we’ll be back soon! Thanks for all your support!!!!


Episode 7: American Horror, No Story

Back for the 7th episode, we bring you all discussions for AHS’ “Ten Commandments Killer” and Empire’s fall finale. We also include a few hot topics for you all and a special extended break about a reality show we can’t seem to stop talking about. As always, please support us by listening, liking, sharing and subscribing. Send any questions you have to Feel free to also message us on Facebook! Thanks and enjoy!

Episode 6: Ughs and Ooohs

Hey you guys! We are back for our 6th episode. Thank you all so much for the support and well wishes. Please continue to like, share and rate our podcast! Also, feel free to comment on our posts and send any questions to We bring you our delayed (due to the holiday) 6th episode “Ughs and Ooohs”. We discuss AHS and Empire as well as the HTGAWM fall finale. We also bring you some hot topics from that week, as well as our breaks. If you have any questions, be sure to message us on any of our sites or email us! Thanks and enjoy!

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