Massacre: The Podcast


November 2015

Episode 5: Wings and Things!

Hey guys,

We are back! Sorry about the hiatus we had a bit of a rough week. However, we bring you episode 5 which includes up to date show discussions for all three shows as well as your hot topics this week. As always, please rate, comment and subscribe. Also, feel free to send us questions at!!!

Episode 4: Y’all Listening?

Back for our 4th episode, “Y’all Listening?”. Empire did not have a new episode this week so we didn’t discuss it :(. We bring you the show discussions for AHS and HTGAWM, as well as a special horror movies segment. We also bring you all some hot (or lack there of) topics this week! We hope you all enjoy. As always, rate, comment and subscribe. Also please please PLEASE share with your friends and help us spread them word. Send any comments, concerns and inquiries to

Y’all Listening

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